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Experience a transformative journey with our Pilates Retreat, focusing on sculpting your body and inner peace. Our Pilates program enhances flexibility, core strength, and proper breathing with fluid, controlled movements.

Suitable for all fitness levels, it improves body awareness and relieves back pain. Pilates also enhances psychological wellbeing, digestion, and overall muscle strength.

Our Pilates classes provide immediate benefits, including increased muscle strength and core stability, improving daily activities. Explore various equipment for engaging different muscle groups such as the Reformer Pilates machine.

This health retreat offers Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, and Spa treatments for complete relaxation. Join us for a holistic fitness and wellness experience.

Shanti-Som Pilates Retreat includes:

Standard Inclusions (pp): 

  • Daily Meals (beverages excluded) 
  • Daily Group Pilates
  • Daily Group Yoga 
  • Daily Group Meditation  
  • Shanti-Som Water Bottle x1

Exclusive Extras (pp): 

To fully benefit from our Pilates Retreat, we have a 3 night minimum stay. During your 3N stay, you will receive the following Exclusive Extras, and for every 4 additional nights you book, you will receive them again:

  • Spa Treatment (60 min)
  • Private Reformer Pilates (60 min)

Retreat Price – 270€/night  per person (not including accommodation)

How it works


Our doors are open every day of the year. Your Retreat program begins when you arrive, for as long, or as short as you like!

To ensure you make the most of your experience, we typically require a minimum stay of 3 nights for most programs.


In order to create an intimate and private retreat, we have just 15 guest rooms with a choice of 4 different room types.

Each room can accommodate 2 people, and an additional fee is charged for double occupancy.


Tailored to your wellness objectives, we offer a variety of programs to suit your preferences, such as Relaxation, Yoga, Pilates, Detox, Healing and Weight Loss.

Each program is priced on a daily basis, starting from €140 per person per day.

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How long should a Pilates Retreat last?

Our Pilates Retreat begins with a minimum stay of 3 nights, and from there, you have the flexibility to extend your stay for as many nights as you desire.

3 day Pilates Retreat

If you are looking for a quick introduction into a Wellness Retreat and wanting to kick start a more healthy lifestyle, 3 days is a great choice. You’ll get a feel for what your body and mind is capable of with some dedicated time away from your normal life. Let someone else take care of your meals, schedule and be guided by our Wellness Team. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and wanting to do it again! 

5 day Pilates Retreat

You will probably find after two days of stretching and bending your body for hours at a time you may start to feel some aches and pains. But with any new physical activity, by day three you will start to see new muscle definition in your stomach, legs and shoulders, as well as improved flexibility. A 5 day Retreat is the perfect amount of time to further strengthen your movements and routine. It won’t just be your body that you notice improving. With a combination of regular yoga, relaxation, nutritious food and sunshine, our guests start to look and feel better with improved skin, brighter eyes and relaxed bodies. Most importantly, feeling happier. 

7 day Pilates Retreat

Turn on your ‘Out of Office’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’ on Whatsapp and Social Media. This is the perfect balance for those who can take that extra weekend and a few days away from the office. We encourage you to disconnect from the world and learn to be comfortable ‘just being’ yourself. No social or work pressures as you disappear into a world of movement, relaxation and pampering. With daily Yoga and Pilates sessions and meditation every day, 7 days a week, you will feel yourself walking taller, leaner and more confidently. 

10 day Pilates Retreat

This is the ultimate wellness holiday for those who are dedicated to kick starting a better and healthier lifestyle. Immerse yourself in our sanctuary of privacy and complete relaxation. In this 10 day retreat you will have additional spa treatments and our guided hike in the Andalucian countryside is also included. During this time you will truly feel at home as you lounge in our cosy reception area or relax by the outdoor pool under Balinese parasols. Your days are relaxed, interspersed with activities and guilt-free time for yourself. Enjoy a few day excursions or simply finish that book that you have been meaning to get to for months. You’ll leave feeling brighter, positive and more energetic. 

What kind of workout is Pilates?

Core strength is the foundation of how Pilates works. Strengthening the core develops stability throughout the entire torso. This is one of the ways Pilates helps many people alleviate back pain.

Trunk stability through core engagement is the most important aspect of Pilates training since it dictates how the body moves, not just in the studio or gym but in daily life. The goal is to create a body that moves with grace, ease, and efficiency. Such a body has to be both strong and flexible, and it has certain qualities of movement, such as being centered and balanced, fluid yet controlled.

There are six principles of Pilates. They summarize the philosophy of the Pilates method and are essential to getting the most out of every exercise:

  • Centering: This is the practice of bringing your awareness to the center of your body—the area between the lower ribs and pubic bone. This central region of the core powers all Pilates exercises.
  • Concentration: By focusing on each exercise with your full attention, you will yield maximum results from each movement.
  • Control: Complete muscular control requires conscious, deliberate movement and is emphasized in every Pilates exercise.
  • Precision: Sustained awareness ensures that each movement is precise. This means the appropriate placement of each body part, and focusing on proper alignment and core engagement.
  • Breath: Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, advocated for using the lungs to strongly pump the air fully in and out of the body. Most Pilates exercises coordinate with the breath since the breath is integral to the method.
  • Flow: Pilates exercises are not meant to be rigid. Fluidity, grace, and ease are applied to every movement. The idea is that the energy of an exercise performed from the central “powerhouse” connects each part of the body to move in a single fluid motion. Pilates equipment such as the reformer is a great indicator of flow since it functions best when a practitioner is performing movements with both precision and fluidity.

What does Pilates do for your body?

Pilates offers a multitude of benefits for the body, encompassing physical, mental, and even emotional wellbeing. This holistic practice strengthens and tones muscles throughout the body, with a particular emphasis on the core, leading to improved posture and enhanced stability. Pilates enhances flexibility and range of motion, making it an excellent choice for preventing injuries and promoting overall body resilience. Moreover, it cultivates body awareness, facilitating mindful movement and reducing the risk of back pain. Beyond its physical advantages, Pilates fosters psychological wellbeing by alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression. It also contributes to better sleep patterns and an increased sense of relaxation. In essence, Pilates offers a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, nurturing both the body and the mind.

Is Pilates a good way to lose weight

Pilates and Yoga are not primarily designed as weight loss programs, but they can complement a weight loss journey and contribute to overall wellness. While they may not burn as many calories as high-intensity cardio workouts, both practices promote increased body awareness, mindfulness, and stress reduction. This can lead to healthier lifestyle choices, including improved dietary habits and reduced emotional eating. Pilates, in particular, helps build lean muscle mass, which can boost metabolism and aid in weight management. Yoga, on the other hand, can enhance self-control and mindfulness, reducing impulsive eating.

In general Pilates burns more calories than for example Yoga. But a Weight Loss Retreat would be best for those whose primary focus is weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, how many calories you burn while exercising matters. The calories you burn during Yoga and Pilates will depend on the type you practice.

For example, the American Council on Exercise found 50 minutes of:

  • Hatha yoga burned 144 calories
  • Power yoga burned 237 calories
  • Beginner Pilates burned 175 calories
  • Advanced Pilates burned 254 calories

Is Pilates harder than Yoga?

The level of difficulty in Pilates versus Yoga can vary depending on the specific style and class intensity. Generally, Pilates tends to be more physically challenging and strength-focused than many traditional Yoga practices. Pilates often incorporates equipment like reformers and focuses on controlled, precise movements, emphasizing core strength and muscle toning. In contrast, Yoga encompasses a broader range of practices, from gentle and meditative styles like Hatha and Yin to more physically demanding forms like Ashtanga and Power Yoga. It’s essential to choose a practice that aligns with your fitness level and goals. Some individuals may find Pilates more demanding due to its focus on muscular strength, while others may consider Yoga more challenging, especially in advanced classes that involve complex postures and flows. Ultimately, the level of difficulty is a matter of personal preference and fitness level.


The Retreat starts on the day of your arrival. This is your day 1 and our program moves with your own personalized schedule.

For those who have traditionally stayed with Yoga, this Retreat is a great choice to explore a new practice. We think a combination of Yoga and Pilates movement is a great way to exercise body and mind for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. We encourage our guests to try the Reformer Pilates machine as well as Aerial workouts with the guidance of our Fitness Trainer to see how easy and fun it is to use, plus you’ll feel instant results.

Yes, we cater for all levels. Our teachers are able to provide personalised tips and pose variations so that everyone is moving within their limits. We truly believe that wherever you are on your wellbeing journey it is where you are meant to be, and we are here to facilitate growth and inspire change. 

The Pilates Retreat program is 270€/night  per person (not including accommodation)

Accommodation is additional, room rates are as follows:

  • Standard Room – € 170 / night, [13sqm | Garden View with private terrace. Ideal for those who appreciate being part of our communal lounge areas and gardens]
  • Standard (Mountain View) Room – € 215 / night, [13sqm | Mountain View with private terrace. Wake up with spectacular mountain views from the comfort of your outdoor terrace]
  • Junior Suite – € 260 / night, [20sqm fully equipped| located in a separate area on the Lower Ground floor with minimal natural light, no views. Although lacking a private terrace it has direct garden access and features a separate lounge area for additional space and privacy]
  • Deluxe Room – € 260 / night, [18sqm  Mountain/Garden View with private terrace, walk-in closet and bathroom with bathtub and shower |  A perfect option for those seeking a little extra luxury and exceptional views]
* € 50 / Night additional charge for double occupancy

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